Income Inequality and Health — 3 Comments

  1. Hi There:
    I realize this blog was written quite awhile ago but still, you might want to keep in mind that with statistics, “Correlation is not causation” and embracing hearsay and speculation in order to dishonestly justify a conclusion when it isn’t warranted is reprehensible – by anyone.

    ‘We can say,” he noted, “that one in four deaths can be attributed to our high rates of income inequality.”’

    WOW! What a doozy. I repeat: “Correlation is NOT causation”. Basic stuff.

    I had been looking for research on the potential ramifications of income inequality. I think what I found here is a textbook example on cherry-picking facts to fit a bad conclusion. Propagating specious and pernicious ideas under the guise of your own fraudulent sense of social justice and conscience appeasement is just plain unethical.

    • Thank you, Steve, for pointing out a potential flaw in the conclusion. I agree with you that correlation does not imply correlation. I do not remember enough about the actual study to respond to you more substantially. The abstract linked to above is more cautiously worded, though, using “associated with.”

      If you are interested, you might want to take a look at some other research, although based on your last paragraph I am wondering whether you, too, are bringing an agenda to this: Trying to show that there is no association between inequality and a host of other measures.

  2. Wow! That is just so disturbing! It amazes me that these studies just state and restate the obvious while ignoring the most likely contributing factors.

    Why does the U.S. spend so much on health care but have such poor health results? Oh, let’s see…Because it’s spending most of that money on one segment of the population (the upper and upper-middle classes), because it’s spending the money wastefully on things like paperwork and executive salaries that have nothing to do with good health care, because it’s spending money while denying and fatally delaying treatment for those who really need it…I could go on…

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