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  1. Rachel, I have had these same realizations. What you are is a cultural anarchist. Social anarchists want decentralized control and voluntary organization, based around a means of production owned by the PEOPLE who produce it. We don’t need money – we need you to garden and write and dance and be a caregiver, and then GIVE that away to other people…who will in exchange share with you what they produce and you have a need for. Sort of like Marxism except that we would not have a working-class “state” running production facilities; we would learn how to govern ourselves (very subtle difference). It’s understandably a pretty scary idea to most people who know nothing but the current system. Which is where the cultural revolution comes in! If we talk about how to be free from oppression, and write about it and and make art and theater about it, even it it’s through metaphor, we subtly start to change culture so that people begin to think for themselves and critically assess their situation, as you have just done! It takes a long time…keep writing!

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