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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Rachel. It is quite serendipitous as I’m getting ready to post a discovery I’ve made about myself around the thoughts you have shared. I recently had an aha moment around an experience of acceptance that I refer to as Free to Be Single ( where I saw that for so long I had wondered how it is I wasn’t the chosen one in relationships only to realize that I had never chosen myself; or when I felt rejected by someone it was really my not accepting myself. Since this personal revelation I decided to look at how this has affects my evolving relationship to life and living. My latest discovery is around the self-doubt, self-questioning, second-guessing of my words & actions, taking things personally I have had in my own relationships signaling my discomfort with the uncertainty of life (which includes relationships) and my desires for approval & love. Through this Free to Be Single lens I am realizing I am the one I’ve been waiting for to trust, to have confidence in, to know, to love and this has provided an ease with uncertainty about life, what people are thinking or feeling about me. The journey of discovery continues …

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