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  1. Rachel

    I have an idea ……. why don’t you organise something weekly that goes against what you’re saying?!

    You said ……..

    I am tired of being the good girl!
    The woman who does what she’s told
    and is washed in shame if she dares
    to even think to question the norms.

    …… think hard ……. what can you do that goes against being a good girl? That’s against the norms?

    But nothing illegal, immoral or fattening??!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    You might decide to grab a friend and go to a late night disco ….. you know, those things that you probably did way back in your 20’s …… well, go out and have a bit of fun!

    Or …… if this is possible without having to get a special license, can you rent a motorcycle for half a day and go riding down a freeway …… fast and free…….. know what I mean?

    Know what I mean?

    Or else what did you mean by what you said?

    (If you want to reply can you email me privately since I won’t be coming back here to read your reply ….. I’ll have forgotten ……..)

    PS – if you need ideas for things to do googling should be pretty fruitful …….

    • Great idea, iol! Though my first reaction when reading your comment: I am already doing that! So, i think i want to celebrate all the ways i am breaking the rules, stepping outside of the norms and stop beating myself up for those ways!

      It is more the inner voices that i want to break free from than the actual doing…

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