Hypothyroidism Acting Up — 3 Comments

  1. Leslie: Anecdotal evidence is not scientific evidence. I have tried to cull scientific evidence from the research reports. I am not an expert – and neither are you – on this, however, it seems to me that there are some serious questions around Armour and your comment does not address them. The goal of your comment is simply to discredit me including by implying that I said things that are nowhere to be found in my post. Usually when people resort to ad hominem attacks, they have no reliable evidence on their side…

  2. Shomom does not state “there’s something wrong with synthetic thyroid medicine, therefore the desiccated thyroid must be good.” She states clearly, in a variety of her writings that T-4 only medicines don’t work for people who can’t convert the T-4 to T-3.

    And Armour is NOT cheaper (and “therefore worthless”) as you state – most pharmacies put synthetic thyroid T-4 medications on their $4.00 list – but not so with Armour. During the recent shortage, I drove over 100 miles and paid out of pocket $30 for a month’s supply of compounded desiccated thyroid. Why would I do that if it didn’t work for me? Why would thousands of patients insist on taking Armour if it was not helping them to feel well?

    if you feel well on Synthroid, then take it! For those of us who do better on the natural thyroid product, that is what we need to take. Who are you to so blatantly attempt to discredit it?

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