Hot Flash of Change — 2 Comments

  1. DANCE, improvisation and self-expression/healing are a wonderful way to go !!

    i took a college course in dance therapy after i’d taken some modern dance basics. i found modern dance very connected to therapy, since it’s focused on creativity and innovation.

    there should be a lot to choose from in SF, and many shades of this thread. i loved my modern dance, the teacher was wonderful and kind, easy-going, which encouraged me as a beginner.

    i personally tend that way, since i’ve tired of strict keeping to the steps in folkdance….after years of folkdancing.

    my time then came to release those limitations, and i learned to really let go and improvise on the dance floor when i found a crowd that was not judgmental….and just move any way i wanted….

    what a joy!!…..and, in dance therapy, improvisation is the core….since it’s about full self-expression. i did need encouragement to follow my inner movement tendency……and that works well.


  2. I turned 40 last year and I’m noticing hot flashes too…I used to be cold all the time but my general body temperature seems to have gone up. I call it “running hot!” Those flashes can be intense though. And I hate the night sweats. I too am a dancer and don’t do enough of it right now. You might want to see if there’s a a contact improv group in your area…sounds like what you are looking for in terms of movement style.

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