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  1. hey! you put a second version up!! excellent!! twice as interesting and exciting as the first!

    what’s needed now is some basics on approx. how many people a decent beginning would need, AND, what need to be the basic rules of decorum and work.
    also, what work is needed and in what conditions…..meaning: eg, maintenance of the building functionality; furnishings and their care; how to acquire and pay for all supplies and their storage, from food to electricity etc…….to work schedules and ways to ensure the work is covered and not neglected……issues of relating, which is usually the main obstacle to the success of communes….

    not that you need to offer all the answers, but some beginnings of how you see those aspects forming and what about them is essential….ie, minimal income to maintain the commune….and ways to procure that…….

    maybe keep us posted on whatever new comes up for you about that.

    • There have always been two versions… The questions you are raising are important and I think a bit premature. For example, things regarding building maintenance depend on the building… At this point, I am mostly interested in finding others who have resonance with my vision and then we can collectively develop the idea.

      I am feeling a bit discouraged about the lack of resonance I am getting from this… Seems to be the story of my life: I have what I think is a great idea, try to implement it, and it just fizzles… So, I’d love more ideas on that: How can I make my vision more enticing? I think there are at least elements in it that I’ve heard others get excited about… So maybe it’s more a matter of presentation than the actual vision…

  2. Rachel

    I don’t know anything about the topic you posted, but I DO know that you should consider adding “friends” to your healing list 🙂

    • Good point, Io! To me, this might actually be an underlying theme in that the people who are connected through the tribe are friends…

  3. i enjoyed your video presentation…..your enthusiasm really comes through…….your description reminds me of what was happening on the ground during the ‘occupy’ movement…….lots of things like that were forming spontaneously…….i think there is a need to learn from what went wrong there to cause it to cease despite the widespread willingness and practical efforts to make it all happen…….what will it take to make new attempts succeed to remain alive??…..i’m hoping for some answers to that question to turn this into a viable movement…..and i don’t know where they’ll come from……

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