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  1. Thanks for posing this inquiry. After reading your post post-Valentine’s Day I made a few discoveries which I think dovetails very nicely. For most of my adult life I thought romance was a two-some deal. So, as long as I didn’t have a valentine (read partner, companion, spouse, etc.) special events or activities lived like days devoid of romance. One such experience that brought it home like no other was this … there I was on the Bateaux Mouche having a lovely dinner cruise along the Seine with a friend, approaching Notre Dame which was spectacular, perfect weather, etc. when I said, my eyes brimming with tears, “if only I was sharing this with someone special.” We both agreed and went back to our own thoughts. Gratefully the beauty of being in Paris transformed these feelings allowing me to fully enjoy the rest of the cruise.

    Fast forward to now. It dawned on me early this year that romance is an experience I can bring to any moment. So I decided to test-drive this insight and created a romantic birthday getaway to the beach in Long Island where I would awaken to ocean waves and sunrise. I did and it was one of my most romantic birthdays ever! On valentine’s day, I celebrated my father’s birthday and saw that all the seeking for someone to be my valentine, obscured the fact that I’ve had my very own valentine who has loved me since the day I was born.

    To recognize love, loving and being loved from the various and sundry people in my life including myself is the gift of self-loving, something I did not and would not have known without being single. It’s the gift that keeps on giving … for a lifetime! Happy Belated Valentine’s Thanksgiving Day to you!!

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