Happy Singles Week! — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks, Keysha! I very much appreciate the idea of the Blog Crawl. If nothing else, it raises the awareness about National Singles Week!

    I would be honored if you’d pencil me in for 2010!

  2. I echo Vanessa’s sentiments about appreciating National Singles Week!

    The Blog Crawl guest writers had the opportunity to choose their topics, and throughout the week, there will be a variety of posts from folks in various stages of singlehood, ending of course with Dr. DePaulo who doesn’t focus on dating. I, nor host blogs, have edited their writing, and posts appear in no particular order.

    The Blog Crawl was not designed to make a political statement but rather give single writers and blogs an opportunity to increase their audience, impart their wisdom, and share their wit with the online singles community.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion and I’ll keep it in mind for next year! Can we pencil you in to write a non-dating post in Blog Crawl 2010? 😉


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  4. Thanks for your note, Vanessa! You are right: dating can be part of the single life. I was just disappointed that this was the first post of the Singles Week crawl because we single women are too often stereotyped as desperately looking for a man. To me, National Singles Week is more political – raising awareness about singlism and matrimania.

  5. First let me say thank you for appreciating the fact a National Singles Week even exists and that some of us are doing our part to shed some light on the single girl lifestyle, while also debunking a few stereotypes in the process.

    You are right, all – in fact not even most – facets of single life involve dating, the pursuit of dating, or the agony/ecstacy of dating. It’s just one small slice of the pie. However, it is a slice that most of us can relate to, and it does, for better or worse, provide a lot of us with some pretty amusing stories to tell our friends.

    Personally, on my blog, I like to address all kinds of topics relating to simply being a strong and confident woman, regardless of one’s marital status. But I can’t disregard the fact that dating is a common experience – and if it can be used to bring us together – so be it. What you won’t see on my blog however, is how to get a man, keep a man, or die trying.


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