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  1. When you wrote “to investigate experientially whether freedom from cultural conditioning is possible” you reminded me of this one essay that I would recommend that you read, entitled “Against the Logic of Submission”. The text for this is available online at:

    Also, it turns out that there are a bunch of recordings of folks reading it on Youtube here.

    Long story short – you can say “fuck you” to whatever cultural conditioning for submission that may exist inside of you, you can say “fuck you” to the world that would want you to have that conditioning, and “fuck you” to whatever people may insist on you following that conditioning.

    • I don’t think it’s that easy… First, we need to be aware that the thought or behavior is driven by conditioning. That’s why i am meditating again because i realized that i often get caught up in conditioning without noticing it. Then, we want to be able tie back the conditioning to culture, rather than, say, blame ourselves. And finally, it might help to look at the need(s) that the conditioning is trying to meet. Often the cultural conditioning puts normative pressure toward one strategy when there are really many.

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