Happy Mother’s Day? — 2 Comments

  1. i also feel deep grief when i read about the origins of mother’s day as women’s protesting war and demanding peace…… well as remembering how hard the struggle is along with that for women’s rights……and the great sacrifices made by the activists and still being made by all activists for peace and for equality and human dignity.

    they, and all of us who work to protect our true birthright to thrive in earth’s naturally nurturing environment have a long, hard struggle behind us and ahead…….i grieve for all that, for the suffering that’s likely to continue in this situation.

    so, yes, this is a serious and profoundly human subject, not confined only to sentimentalizing mothers’ traditionally limited role.

    • Thank you for tying this to the origins of Mother’s Day, Shira! I also think that the way mother Earth is treated reflects how we disregard women (and vice versa), after all women are stereotyped as more connected to nature and all that, so they, too, need to be conquered and controlled.

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