Growing Hair… — 9 Comments

  1. one more thing: you’re not ‘becoming a dancer’…….you ARE a dancer and expressing through dance who you are…… certificates needed for that…..

    • Thanks, Shira, for pointing this out! I realized that I am not a performance dancer. I am a folk dancer – and that is actually the kind of dancer I want to be. Not on stage for the “look at me” display but being part of the tribe.

  2. our hair styles, almost like clothes, are statements and messages about ourselves, our moods, our preferences.

    if it doesn’t feel worth the messy-hair interlude waiting for it to grow in, why not go back and stay with your comfortable short style?!

    if you’d be happier staying short-haired, why bother with unruly hair?!

    today, it’s not only females who prefer long hair……….we have all those infinite choices to feel empowered, but so often they pressure and stress us more than if we’d had none!! ……’re not alone in grappling with this modern kaleidoscope of possibilities…………a myriad of hats and wigs are also available and used by those who revel in that world.

    it’s your expression of yourself! i’m all for your doing whatever your heart desires!!

    • Well, it’s one big experiment… I want to see how I look like with longer hair 🙂 and, it’s my habit, I examine the process “out loud,” if you want, here on my blog…

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