Good girl and radical grrl — 7 Comments

  1. Doing things that are considered “good” is easier because other people approve. Even if no one says anything to you, you know what they would say.

    It gets more difficult when you’re not doing the “good” things. You feel inherently more defensive and angrier, because you know others disapprove, even if they say nothing.

    But I’ve found that, if something is right and important for you, you’ll feel a passion for what you’re doing, whether it’s “good” or not.

  2. I just looked it up, and apparently there is somebody named “Raechel” who has a web-site that she calls “rebel grrrl academy”, and she considers herself to be an academic!

  3. (…con)…to retrieve it, more ‘safely’ and devote life to loving connections with fellow open-hearts. slowly, painfully, we peel off thin layers of the robot metal, plastic ‘protector’, and synthetically colorful wrapping, labeling, and magnetic coding…….
    ….whew ! what an seeming endless job….but you are showing where that work leads……….BRAVO!!


    slowly, lots of people i know are just becoming aware, cautiously, of the fact that much of our existance is robot-like ! and this awareness is then quickly repressed, as the robot-face returns, and it severs the open-hearted connection and returns our hearts to the ‘safe-deposit box’ for a hoped-for easier time to

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