Going Solo in a Book — 4 Comments

  1. Rachel, I agree with you. The beauty of Going Solo lies in Eric’s ability to leave old paths and to open up the box of the unexplored. Yes, living alone is exciting and scary at the same time and yes, living alone is here to stay. So, what do we do, as society, about it? Shall we all move to Sweden? I also agree with you that self-reliance is a myth and that we have to further explore the idea of interdependence.

  2. I am also on the book tour and will do a review at the end of the month.
    But, for me, I am not fearful of what I will do if I get ill or when I grow old. My part time job is in the medical field so I see first hand the ill and old and have made plans. I already know which retirement home I will be living in (well, there are a few picked out) and if I get sick, I want to be put in a nursing home. Luckily here in Canada, we Canadians are blessed with health care so this is not really too much of a concern. I am saving my pennies now to ensure that if I live long enough, I will be able to rely on myself and not my sisters (who are younger) to care for me. But, they know my wishes and will carry them out. I will always want to be placed in a nursing home if I cant care for myself no matter what.
    The points in his book are all very valid but I love how he says that society has to find ways to make room basically for solo people instead of ignoring us and helping those in the traditional family roles.
    I firmly believe that whether single, partnered off, childless, with child(ren) etc, people have to try to care for themselves solely as we cannot and should not rely on others.personally for myself, I am in the process of making sure I have enough cash for my burial (again working in the medical field makes me immune to this stuff). there is a lot of stuff to consider and ensure being single but I think evryone should think of the long term.

    • It sounds like you’re well prepared, Rhona! I suspect you are in the minority, though, and i very much appreciated Eric’s call for a society-wide solution – similar to the health care system you experience in Canada.

      I don’t agree with you that “we cannot and should not rely on others.” I think it’s impossible: How would you access the internet, for example, without relying on others? Even if you are saving money for your burial, you are relying on others. You wouldn’t be able to earn money without others. Self-reliance is a myth – and it’s a myth that Eric is trying to counteract in his book.

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