Giving up is not an option! — 2 Comments

  1. I’m glad you found your voice again. The most important thing is to live by your beliefs and always sleep with one critical eye open.
    As a member of a family who’s entire line was murdered in the Holocaust, I’m not afraid of one president or another – but of the masses of people that blindly and violently follow propaganda without stopping to think for themselves.
    This is true for both sides of these elections.
    Live long, live well, stand up for what you love and cherish


    • Thank you, George! I am sorry that you lost most of your family in the Holocaust!

      And, yes, I too find the people who collaborate more disconcerting and scary. Even those people who are going back to sleep, who are retreating into their private lives, scare me. Although I can understand the temptation – and am fighting it daily – I refuse to give in to it because I know it would abandon everything I believe in.

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