Gender, Science and Discrimination — 7 Comments

  1. I have trouble with the entire topic of the debate: whether or not there are sex differences, and also, whether women are capable of the level of accomplishment of men in the sciences…..(or any other area men dominate stubbornly).

    We all know the deeper truth about this, yet we can’t get to it in a debate because the whole struggle is about the fact that THE GREAT MAJORITY OF MEN ARE NOT WILLING TO SHARE THEIR POWER WITH WOMEN.

    When that’s the deep source of the disagreement, as it seems to be in ALL subjects around male-female general inability to share the true power rights of each person……the debate seems to just go round and round endlessly…….with each round’s accomplishments quickly undermined by conservative power and incumbent power-figures.

    The only topic the gender positions should be discussing after so many generations, is THE BEST STEPS TO TAKE FOR ACTUALLY EXECUTING THE CHANGE TO EQUALITY ON THE GROUND.

    All else is just different forms of the endless battle between the sexes that reason, logic, facts and even compassion have been left out of systematically…..which makes it perpetual and tragic.

    In reality i understand that this is the only way that’s ‘acceptable’ (or ‘allowed’) now, to tackle the problem.

    But my wish is that women would stop wasting time arguing with men and their ‘cheer-leader’ women supporters, and just focus all our energy on support for one another in the daily struggle to overcome the age-old bias (really an ILLNESS) of the human species…….in order to better our daily situation and get the actual job of change done.

    • You articulation of this very serious issue details almost all the same points that I have been thinking.

      The only points I would add involve identity. Sexism and the denial of reward or even acknowledgement of female work and other contributions has decreased in frequency. When it happens it feels like being under water watching people ignore your struggle to communicate.

      Lise Meitner and Alan Turing provided some of the highest levels of contributions, only to be cast out and robbed of reward, prestige and all manner of gratitude. What we have done to to females, ethnic minorities and gay people is a manifestation of contempt, advantage via cheating (unethical), hatred, and refusal to believe that the best humanity has to offer could be produced by a woman, gay man or a member of any other scapegoated group in that environment.

      • …and to add to my last comment…notice how both Lise Meitner and Alan Turing were denied or pressured against sexual agency. No social mechanisms were in place for either Meitner to marry and maintain a career or for Turing to simply have a partner. Their vulnerability in the face of contempt destroyed their ability to enjoy what most (mostly straight men) took for granted in their place and time.

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  5. Wow! Wonderful post! I discovered your page via feminist philosophers.
    Great Blog, i just subscribed!
    And yes the debate between Pinker (who i am a big fan of) and Spelke is fascinating indeed! Pinker is an insanely smart man!

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