Further Beyond Marriage — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks, Onely, for the tip on the book! I’ll check it out – it sounds interesting. You might be interested in Nancy Polikoff’s book “Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage”. She approaches the whole beyond marriage question from a legal perspective and points out that we often fail to address the real issues by thinking that marriage can solve XYZ. And she argues, rightfully so imo, that even if gay marriage becomes completely legal, a lot of folks in the LGBT community will be left out – including singles and people who don’t want to be “normal,” as defined by the religious wrong…

  2. Rachel: On our blog we talked a little bit about Michael Warner’s book “The Trouble With Normal,” which I honestly haven’t read yet, but which I understand talks about how the pro-gay-marriage movement works to normalize gays into our current matrimaniac, couple-centric culture, instead of expanding the kinds of sanctioned commitment available to all sorts of nontraditional family units. When you think about it, the whole idea of man-woman marriage with concurrent legal rights. . . is really quite random. Funny how we take it for granted as the “norm”. . . Well, thanks for the great post. –CC

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