Foucault’s History of Sexuality — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks, Lisa! I skipped Volume 1 because the prof I was working with said I should – it seems a bit odd since that seems to be the volume everybody reads… So, I might read it still. Reading vol 2 & 3 wasn’t bad because I really like Foucault’s writing style (especially after reading Kant!). I have put off reading “vol 4” (which are really Foucault’s lectures, although given on the publication date, maybe they are more likely to add to Vol 2 & 3) for now since this reading wasn’t part of any course work but rather exploratory reading for my master’s thesis…

  2. Wow Rachel — thanks so much for posting this! I read Volume 1 last semester in preparation for one of my doctoral exams, but haven’t gotten to the later volumes (and don’t really plan to — from what I understand, few people ever actually make it as far as you have!). Very cool — sounds like your coursework is keeping you busy!

    — L

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