Feminist Approaches to Theory-Based Activism — 1 Comment

  1. Its interesting that you compare the evolution of the feminist movement with raising consciousness for singlism. Its a parallel I drew from as well. In fact, initially I could not understand the postcolonial critique in the sense that I couldn’t identify with the antagonism being from a postcolonial country myself. However, I realized that though I was initially excited about the concept of singlism and reading about other singles, I realized that much of what is described about singles is not relevant. The comments section in some blogs also denounce certain versions of being single as not authentic ‘single’ stories, some privilege being asexual while others think wanting to be in a meaningful relationship as inauthentic. I think there are many variations on what it is to be single, especially cultural variations and poststructural theory is really useful. Having said that, I do not think that the political goals are compromised but altered to make people more sensitive to differences in general.

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