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  1. Rachel, thanks for bringing this perspective to this subject. It has been an issue I’ve been exploring and seeing the value of more and more. As you point to, expectation and acceptance are inextricably linked. I lived in expectation for most of my life mostly in the guise of hoping and wishing (which I consider the emotional equivalents of expectation) … it was a life of suffering, sadness, disappointment, anger (insert any disempowering emotion here) and it wasn’t until I understood (experientially) the value of accepting what is as it is that I have freedom in life. Acceptance is one of the most recurring themes on our website (here is a collection of quotes on the subject — Frankly, I believe it is an essential to living my fullest life. Its simplicity as an idea is complicated by our attachment to the outcomes we view as acceptable rather than the outcomes that are. It’s a kind of madness really (to want other than what is, like putting a square peg into a round hole) and I believe the source of most drama. When I am being with what life presents or the flow (which is another way I view acceptance) I am happy and see a myriad of options (to meet my needs) that are not available to me when I am locked and loaded on the singular option that is my expectation. I intend to share your thought-provoking essay with all my communities. Thanks again!

    • I am glad you found the post helpful, Donna Marie! And thank you for sharing it!

      I realized last night how grateful i was for this learning experience – i did end up getting support just not in the way i expected it! And getting support for personal growth is something really precious indeed…

      • Thought I’d share this Cheri Huber quote which came across the transom today …

        “The reason acceptance isn’t more popular is that in acceptance there is nothing to do. (In acceptance, there is nothing that needs to be changed, fixed, worked on or otherwise improved.)”

        • Thanks, Donna! I like the quote – and thank you for reminding me of Cheri Huber! Time to check out her work again – i really liked “there is nothing wrong with you” but haven’t read anything else of hers yet.

    • (This is fixed now…) The URL goes to a Mexican news update from July. I assume that’s not where you meant to link! If you post the correct URL, I’ll fix it in the background… Actually, i think it might be this

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