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  1. I really enjoy your blog, and your determination even more so 🙂

    There really is nothing new under the sun; the exact problem you face has been faced before by many others during the 1960s, which I would argue was a period filled with minds and talent that were way ahead of their time. Social change, environmental responsibility, the willingness to challenge the status quo…. American society was largely deaf to the message because sensational articles about “free love”, “hippies”, and marijuana use sold far more newspapers. It’s kind of amusing to see society at large finally awakening to many of the actual messages 40+ years later.

    I guess my point is that perhaps the best inspiration and ideas for solving your (quite rational!) fears can be found by looking back in time a few decades to those other people that society should have listened to at the time. There was a lot of success there, some of it only being realized today.

    • Thanks, Mike! You’re right that the best way of taming the fear is to look at others who managed to live a life outside the normative box. And they survived… Inspiration can be very powerful!

  2. Hey Rachel,

    I often think those same thoughts–so many great ideas and such fear about how to ‘live’ off them!
    Especially since being in this permaculture class…every meeting is like a brainstorming session on how to creatively solve the world’s (and my many own) problems!

    I agree with Kath, that just creating awareness of those fears takes courage, and I think it’s the first step in relinquishing them!

    One blogger I read a lot is Steve Pavlina. His tagline is “Personal development for Smart People” and a lot of his entries are along the lines of what we talked about in class last evening (Intentions, creating a conscious life, Finding your purpose [or Vision] and Manifesting the things you want in your life…).
    While I would highly suggest browsing through his posts to find whatever catches your interest, this particular entry of yours reminds me of this one of his, about Creating and Delivering Value.
    Let me know what you think!
    (I hope those links work!)


    • I’ve skimmed through the creating and delivering value article and have to add a “reader beware disclaimer”! I am surprised, yet again, how people like Steve can make the self-proclaimed six-figure salaries. There’s nothing in that long article that isn’t common sense – and most of it is repetitive! And there’s a lot in there that I find dangerous: The recommendation to just quit your job without any safety net is very dangerous. The money will not necessarily follow. To suggest that the current recession is a good thing “to weed out the crappy companies that aren’t creating and delivering value people want” shows an ignorance of the systemic underpinnings of the crisis that is amazing. Also Steve peddles the “law of attraction,” which is a blame-the-victim scheme in sheep’s clothes… Victor Stenger has done some excellent work on what he calls quantum-quacks. Finally, Steve’s wife is a psychic, which to me is a big red flag…

      • My bad! I almost mentioned how his writing can be…incendiary!
        His work doesn’t appeal to everyone…and I agree that it’s a bit repetitive.
        Sorry for the bad recommendation!

  3. Dear Rachel

    I enjoy your blog, your inputs to other blogs, and your bravery.

    I love this post, and agree that money seems to be ruling the world right now, rather than creativity and real courage. I am studying climate change at the moment, and have been interested in this kind of thing for about 14 years (since I went on a volunteer expedition at 18) but have had to spend time qualifying as an accountant to pay off my graduate debts and then using that in office spheres, albeit that I have worked in charities / international development for almost a decade now. But the jungle is much more my style than an office, yet as you say there is no safety net there, and we get comfortable in our little lives don’t we 🙂

    I admire your openness and willingness to pen it. “Fortune favours the brave” – and may it be the best kind of fortune for you!


    • Thanks, Kath! I wonder what the world would look like if we could put our energies where we’d like to put them without having to worry about earning enough to survive! Climate change is a huge issue and we really need people to be able to focus on that rather than having to worry about their debts… I wish you a way for you to pay them off without draining your energy, which is what happened to me when I was working!

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