Evidence for the Adaptive Unconscious — 1 Comment

  1. Can’t remember already how I stumbled across your blog. I see there are lots of interesting things to read but I will resist in order to respond to your posting about the adoptive unconscious. “…we’re free to decide…”. I have followed the debate about free will for a few years following a programme about the Libed experiment. The suggestion that our bodies might already be responding to some external stimulus before we are consciously aware that we are making the response (let alone influencing it) was something that suddenly made a lot of things click in my mind. The picture is becoming clearer and clearer to me the more I read and observe myself in the world. That doesn’t make it any easier to explain as I see the problem lies not in what is actually happening but rather an individuals relationship with “free will”. In my experience all I can now say about free will is that the general “scientific” understanding and discourse on the subject (and that is a wide envelope) lies somewhere else to that of the general weighting of humanity’s view on the subject. The latter perceives that we have ” a force of will” which is unique to humans and that we as individuals can shape our destiny in a way that is completely separate from either “what we are” or the rest of “nature”. We are like mini-gods. I believe it is our lack of understanding about the complexity of what goes on both up there in our brains, but also how we interact with “out there”/nature (i.e we still have not completely digested evolution) that stops us from accepting that we are completely part of something bigger. It needed scientists to show how the earth revolves around the moon or that we have evolved – science is now slowly nudging us to address the final thing we hold so sacred – i.e. that we are somehow separate from the world we inhabit (and for some “with dominion over it”). Good – that’s now out of my mind I can go and read through some of your other musings. Jan

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