Envisioning a New Society — 2 Comments

  1. Movies? Ha ha.

    The President IS, why not may? HER, why not its?
    “Marriage is still available but we wouldn’t recognize it as such.” Who cares? If it isn’t with benefits then it’s just an agreement between two people (or more, if you want) that you can already make now.

    “Sexual attraction is not necessary. Caring for each other is.” Yes, let’s add impositions and (start to) deny some other parts.

    “Children love this new society because they have many adults to turn to.” Why? I didn’t realize children were so constrained in the USA, I can’t remember only having to go to my mother even though I didn’t go to others, though I had the possibility, on the way I actually learned to go to myself.

    Frankly this is quite a disturbing post, wanting to see a society conform to YOUR views. Don’t deny it, I just hope you realise this, it’s obvious from the words you have choosen and their forms, just like in the paragraph about The President.

    Here goes another blogspot. 🙁

    • Disturbing, huh? Is it disturbing that someone can imagine that there is a woman president? Is it disturbing that someone can imagine a society in which we value each other as human beings instead of potential SEEPs? It is sad to read your reaction, RedKiwi. This is not a demand on how society should be. It is a vision – how society could be if we’d incorporate some of the values that are being neglected now. If you don’t like the vision, just don’t make it your own!

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