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  1. I’m reminded of support groups i attended in new york when i realized i had symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome…….and now reading the link you offered to the lupus sufferer, i’m increasingly convinced that the polluted environment we live in has much to do with the growing numbers of people with these illnesses, many of them young……..

    the support group helped us feel less isolated, weird, and misunderstood. it helped with many of our self-worth struggles and social confidence to stay connected to the larger, ‘well’ community with more ease and skills.

    i also believe that more people who ‘look healthy’, including lots of those who appear to be fully healthy and energetic, turn out to be victims, too, hiding their conditions with all their strength, only to come home and fall apart in privacy……..

    these are very ‘contemporary’ illnesses exacerbated by our polluted living conditions everywhere, and the need to connect with people on that point is great and promising of good outcomes.

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