Earn Money for Meddling — 4 Comments

  1. But I’m a single gal, and MY dream is to have a liquid chocolate jacuzzi in my basement. MatchCrew, your lack of imagination startles and offends. Don’t expect an invitation to my house!


    • A chocolate jacuzzi?!? OMG! That sounds so delicious! There’s a chocolate fountain in the chocolate museum in Cologne, Germany. Unfortunately, it’s guarded so you can’t just stick your tongue in but still…

  2. I agree, Alan, but this site has a particularly disturbing twist: It encourages the notion that people should match-up their single friends and family members! And then monetizes that meddling. This site promises that people can make money with this match-make meddling.

  3. While it is obnoxious, what do you expect?

    It’s apparently a for-profit matchmaking site.

    It makes perfect sense for them to play up matrimania, it means more money for them.

    I’m afraid that there are certain groups we’re never going to be able to enlighten: Those that make money off of dating and weddings.

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