Do what you love and get paid tons of money for it! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you, Kate! I am thrilled that you find my ponderings thought-provoking!

    The Starhawk book sounds interesting. I am due for a fiction book – I am tired of reading about the history of marriage 😉 .

  2. Great post, Rachel, and so true.
    Have you read The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk? It is a work of fiction, but describes a society in which people do live differently, doing what they love. There is the (seemingly inevitable) clash with ‘the others’ who hold other beliefs. But, in general, I enjoy the picture she paints.

    I agree that it will take a major shift in just about all that we hold dear to accomplish anything remotely like it. And, I believe that we are unlikely to move quickly enough in that, or any other, direction.

    Thanks for making me think. Though I don’t comment often, I read most of your posts and am usually inspired to see things in new ways. 🙂
    Happy New Year.

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