Deliver us from Evil — 1 Comment

  1. Great post. I think that the Catholic Church is starting to lose some credibility, at least in my circle of friends (in Canada). I know that when I was a kid (in the 1970s and 80s) it was much more common for people in my world to go to church – my family did and a lot of my schoolmates did. But now I am in my thirties and I find that most of my friends do not go to church. Maybe like 1 in 10 people that I know goes to church. So I do think that the whole process of losing credibility is starting.

    This is my opinion only so everyone calm down if you disagree: In my opinion only, I think that the southern U.S. and Latin America / South America seem to have a larger “hard core” religious following in general than other places like Canada, Iceland, Norway, Germany, etc. I look at the “hard core” Jesus Camp people and the evangelical Christians as kind of “crazy”, whereas I see the ahteists and science-oriented people (like believing the Earth is actually millions of years old) as more “normal”. I think that view is shifting overall, or at least there is a significant rift building between Evangelicals and more science-based people. I think it comes down to wanting to believe rather than actual evidence.

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