Dark Side of Couplemania — 2 Comments

  1. Rachel,

    I completely agree with you! My first experience of the kind of eye contact that creates a micro-environment of love was over 40 years ago, when I looked into the eyes of a woman my age who was sitting on the opposite side of a train in New York. She smiled. I smiled. Maybe I was too shy to do any more than write a poem about the experience. It didn’t matter. In that moment, I felt both of our hearts open. I’ve been making eye contact with most people ever since.

    I’ve learned to be gentle in making eye contact. For many people, it’s too intimate an experience. I once lived in a place where almost everybody’s eyes spoke of broken spirits. It was too painful to shop in that town. I look into the eyes of men and women, boys and girls, and babies. I am sensitive to having the contact misinterpreted as a sexual overture. But, when there is a connection between two souls that want absolutely nothing from each other other than acknowledging each other’s existence (and thereby affirming our own), it’s wonderful.

    • Thanks for sharing that experience, Erik! And you might be pointing to why these micro-moments are so wonderful: Because we acknowledge each other’s existence thus signaling that we belong and are lovable.

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