Dance of Acceptance — 3 Comments

  1. Another thoughtful and oh so relevant & universal post. Thank you for sharing your experiences Rachel.

    In my neck of the woods I came across something I wrote which reflects my view on the matter,

    “To be pleasing to others we must first be willing to please ourselves; to be loved by others we must first be willing to love ourselves; to be accepted by others we must first be willing to accept ourselves.”

    It goes back to realizing I am responsible for how I experience anything in life. Of course, the feelings of self-doubt, need for approval, etc. show up; yet, I’ve noticed that when they do come up, the context of self-responsibility, self-love, self-acceptance minimizes the falling into an abyss of victimhood — a place I have experienced time and time again in my life.

    Happy, healthy, loving, self-accepting thanksgiving to us all!

    • Thanks for sharing your appreciation, Donna Marie! I hesitated a bit yesterday because i wasn’t sure how useful this post would be to others (it was helpful for me to write since it helped me integrate my new learning…).

      And i’d like to celebrate that i had a ton of fun last night, i was living out of a different energy! There were a few moments when the old loneliness came back. Reminding myself of this helped me get right back into the fun!

      • So happy to hear you enjoyed your evening at the dance. Since entering my 50’s I’ve become increasingly clear that looking within is the true source of my fulfillment where decades earlier I was obsessed with pleasing others to feel my value. As you point out, the thoughts still come — whether it’s loneliness, insecurities, or any other fear feelings — they just don’t linger as I have a new context to live from: free to be Donna Marie! I’ve got a feature on my website I call Free to Be Single which, as it suggests, is about relationships–an area that I used to be so emotionally charged about!

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