Dance and Extroversion — 6 Comments

  1. Were most of the participants in the workshop from the United States. I have read that the US has a higher percentage of extroverts within its population than other countries. Also, did you notice how the ordinary, everyday person in Greece is getting on since their economy has basically collapsed. The US economy may not be too far behind.

    • Interestingly, the biggest group was from France, not the US.

      Oh, yes, the impact of the crisis was visible everywhere: From shuttered shops to cancelled parties (the two days of celebrations around a saint’s day).

      And I also agree with your assessment on the US economy… It’s basically just propped up by debt, really, and pretension… Imo, we’re already in the next financial sector bubble…

    • Yes, I did have a great vacation, though I am disappointed that out of all the musing that I’ve written above that is the aspect that you picked out. My usual quandary: How to help my readers move beyond the personal to the cultural/general. Obviously, I am still not successful with that…

      • I’m curious what your goal is is moving from personal to general……..could it be to merge the 2 since life keeps pointing to the fact that the personal and general (global) are integrally related……, while we want to create change in the big picture of the global community, we no less want to create local community and/or find personal solutions that fit into the larger social structure while bringing us personal fulfillment.

        • Good question, Shira! I think you touched on one reason: To connect the personal to the general to allow for deeper change. The other reason – and maybe that’s why I was so disappointed about Iolanda’s comment – is to embed my personal experience in the larger picture because I sense that my experience gives me a glimpse onto what is happening to (with) a lot of people. In other words, my experience isn’t unique.

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