Cultural Trauma of Loneliness — 4 Comments

  1. From a country halfway across the world I can relate so much to your situation… my best friend has been struggling her entire life with the devastating results of sexual trauma and bad relationships. The worst thing is that everyone around her is just like you wrote, which makes it so unbearable and hard..
    Singlism, sexism, is everywhere.. If you don’t fit the mold then you are broken..
    I try to support her and be a ‘cultural voice of reason’ for her. Man, it’s so hard to fight off the stigmas! Most people don’t understand how much their cultural views affect or hurt others around them.
    just wanted to share this and let you know that some of us really do understand. My friend had some of life’s worst thrown down at her. She is strong and I believe you are too 🙂
    If only more people around us would show some support.
    I love your posts and poems. So just so you know that 2 strangers from the other side of the planet are thinking of you and sending their best wishes and support 🙂

    • Thank you so much for reaching out, George! I really appreciate that as it can be tough to struggle with all this and it helps knowing that there are others in similar situations. One reason I post my experiences is to let others know that they are not alone! It is good to get reminders that I, too, am not alone 🙂

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