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  1. I think it’s really hard to do something different. When we humans do such – or any fellow member of our animal kingdom, for that matter! – we can question if it’s the right thing (I mean, SURELY the beaten track has been beaten for a reason – it must be right!). With our analytical intelligent minds, no doubt humans can question this more than some of our fellow animal species!

    I think it’s all trial and error. Philosophy sounds like a fabulous course to do and graduate from, and I think will carry a lot of transferable skills for you and perhaps happy memories too (events that wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t done the course). Life is trial and error – we don’t currently have a great model for development (hence global warming, species extinctions, human suicides, wars) – but we’re in some ways in a better place than many years ago (human rights-wise, more aware of issues, for example). So if you try and error and succeed on your own path, that sounds normal. Nothing to worry about, and good for you to get out and explore a little – if you do return to doing something similar to what you were, at least you’ll know you want it. I left the NGO sector for a while, and returned (sigh, now I’m looking to buy my first property I could do with a less-NGO more corporate salary!). But I know the NGO life is more me, despite lots of issues I have with it too.

    It could be, you are stressed about finishing your masters, and your stress is trying to reduce itself by proposing “change” options. Maybe not, but it’s one of perhaps many possibilities!

    Btw, be glad to know how your singles workshop went – sounded like a great idea.

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