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  1. This topic is, in my opinion, EXTREMELY complex, deep, and difficult. Meaning, Value, the meaning in our lives, the value we put on ourselves and our lives within this overwhelmingly complicated, multi-layered, and precarious world we inhabit……..those are the most powerful subjects for humans to deal with, alongside the very basics of physical survival.

    In fact, if we’ve learned anything over history and time, it’s probably that spiritual meaning for humans is ultimately just as important (and mysterious!) to us as our very physical survival.

    I also have been struggling with a painful insight that it’s this very unique challenge of our lives that drives most humans to illogical, impractical and self-destructive conclusions and acts.

    Why? All that i can come up with is that this is a ‘given’ we don’t control, and a near-impossible task to handle……for anyone and all of us.

    One last comment: we really never know for sure just how ‘easy’ life really is for those that appear to have that blessing. So much in human lives is hidden deep beneath the surface…… we can never be sure how it actually IS for others, only guess……..

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