Collaboration or Cooperation? — 3 Comments

  1. …. on the other hand, i grew up with ‘cooperation’ holding a completely positive connotation…..getting along and accomplishing things …..yet, over time i noticed it was increasingly abused , to hold many negative energies now…..e.g. authority figures ‘requesting’ COOPERATION from subordintes when the real meaning we all knew in the message became: YIELD TO AUTHORITY and DON’T MAKE WAVES……

    clearly we here want the positive meanings in both words, and work for minimizing the negative ones for the sake of peace and prosperity

    • I think that’s actually collaboration. The two words are often confused, after all…

      To me collaboration is what happens when we take a job in the corporate world. Cooperation is required when we work tribally or, well, in a co-op…

  2. i’m confused, but it does sound like your conclusion is to favor cooperation……though i’m not understanding why…

    one point definitely woke me up here: i had totally forgotten that in past ‘collaboration’ seemed indeed to be reserved for the second definition quoted: cooperation with ENEMY FORCES or CONQUERERS !

    that is SUCH a powerfully negative connotation that i believe it has dominated the use of ‘collaboration’. i have only recently heard it used positively in mostly one specific community of healers.

    on the other hand

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