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  1. one good site with ideas for facilitating change is the ‘three-fifty’ movement, organizing lots of s action

    • You mean Yes, I agree. And at the same time, one of the points I was trying to make in my post: The CO2 data suggests that what we have been doing so far has been too little. CO2 is still climbing, at a faster rate. (Partly that’s probably because the systemic changes we need aren’t being made… Again, political corruption and an exploitative economic system are probably driving that inaction…)

  2. being a generation older than you, i may be experiencing a different perspective on how to process and respond to the tremendous challenges we are all now faced with.

    when i see how vast the changes are that we need i also remember that equally burning issues exist beside climate-warming: multiple wars and its need for extreme rehabilitation in so many places; violence in every sphere, air, water and food pollution, economic disaster, political corruption, millions displaced……..

    i tend to look at the big picture for perspective………and keep arriving at the same ‘station’: ‘social healing’ is a prerequisite for the scale of cooperative public action needed for all this. otherwise we remain much too fragmented to organize well enough to counter the well-protected destructive forces that now rule.

    so, for me, always back to the healing arts for all of our relationship issues, from personal to community and all human interactions. without great improvement there, the community actions needed for all the other problems can’t evolve, i believe.

    • I agree fully and I also think that all these issues need to inform each other. Climate disruption, for example, is worsened by political corruption. And some proposals for addressing climate disruption sadly continue many of the current racist and sexist injustices. I recently read a wonderful article about solidarity between the various branches of movements. So we could take this as an opportunity for some deep changes and deep healing.

      At the same time, climate disruption needs some pretty urgent action if we want to avoid disaster. I don’t think we have the luxury of time to heal and then work, we need to do this all together (ha! both all of us humans and all of the issues…)

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