Civil Union Compromise — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks, brooks! To me, the primary issue is not whether the LGBT community should have the right to marry – they should; to me, the primary is that marriage shouldn’t come with oodles of rights & benefits. Marriage originated as a religious institution and there are heterosexuals who’d love to avoid the religious and patriarchal heritage of marriage by being able to get a civil union.

  2. Good point, Alan! I’ve found that a lot of the same-sex rhetoric is steeped in matrimania. Now, this doesn’t mean that the acceptance of same-sex marriage will change society. I think it definitely would change it. But it wouldn’t eliminate singlism, unfortunately. As Nancy Polikoff puts it: There’s a dividing line between the married and the unmarried. Same-sex marriage would only move that line, not remove it. Only the latter will bring equality for all.

    I also don’t particularly like the way this Blankenhorn/Rauch proposal undermines the separation of religion and state.

    For those who are interested, the Rauch interview is available online at Talk of the Nation. Make sure to listen to the callers! Surprisingly, they were all for getting the government out of the marriage business. What’s Blankenhorn’s response (at the end)? Marriage is not a religious institution (then what’s wrong with gay marriage?!); it’s a natural institution. He needs to read up on the history of humankind…

  3. I’ve just been listening to Jonathan Rausch on NPR and it sounds, at least from the introduction, that he’s caught up in matrimania. Which concerns me; I’ve normally assumed that greater acceptance of gay marriage would lead to greater acceptance of unmarrieds, singles, and single parents. Now, I’m not so sure…

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