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  1. I enjoyed this post a lot for its light-hearted approach to this issue (which by itself is quite challenging).

    the saddest part, in my impression, is that everything popular, nowadays, seems to get quickly and fully commercialized and monetized……which reduces its effect of having any true value….

    in the past we still could find some value in commercialized subjects and objects…….but now all of them have been ‘bought up’ or subjugated to the ‘absolute’ world of ‘money-above-all’, or: ‘money-as-the-end-purpose-of-all’……….

    it’s almost as if the whole world is becoming polarized into a simple ‘2-party’ grouping: PRO-MONEY….or ANTI-MONEY…….

    yet, one comforting thought i find is: ultimately, one never knows in what setting one may meet up with new, valuable, potential friends….the possibilities are global, after all…

    • Yes, I am very much struggling with that as I am faced with the choice of returning to full-time work in a “regular job” (not very attractive) to monetizing some of the things I have developed in the last few years. It’s very frustrating not to have the option to just offer things up for free! But as this writer points out rent is still due in money…

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