CFI jumps onto the marriage bandwagon — 1 Comment

  1. I am about 98% in agreement with this preference for “freedom of sexual expression…regardless of marital status, etc…” I know that in my situation, my husband and I have simply decided to think for ourselves about what the term “marriage” means to us. We are legally married, live in separate states, maintain a single residence in the state of Illinois, our Home. He says, “I won’t ask if you don’t tell.” I agree. When we came into this life, we didn’t sign some sort of excusivity contract. As far as benefits, we came to a mutual agreement about how those were to be handled – that’s why we went before a Civil Court Judge and were married. I am a writer, artist/homemaker, licensed ordained minister, Second Degree Reiki “therapist”, with experience among Spiritualists. My husband is a corporation executive. Let me see, who do I think had the best benefits package?
    If others want to get together and do their thing, whether it’s monogamous or not, they shouldn’t be punished for their lifestyle. They shouldn’t be ostracized by the predominant , ruling party from obtaining economic and legal equity.

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