Can we really change? — 1 Comment

  1. To me this is a very profound and important insight. It points strongly to how our complex humanity relates to the complex reality of our whole world.

    We humans try to break life down into ‘controllable pieces’, which only succeeds part of the time. Yet, we ‘civilized’ humans obsess about it in response to our extreme emotional distress.

    I tend to believe in the value of (the delicate but dynamic and vital) BALANCE; the perpetual movement and change in life’s very essence. To the extent that we learn to balance and adjust to both our individual needs as well as to the situation and people around us, we live ‘well’.

    Sadly, our civilization constantly pushes us toward extremes and obsession with unrealistic ‘permanence’ and perfection. This distortion of values tampers with our very core nature as well as with the whole world around us.
    I hope I’m clear…..the topic is so vast, it’s hard to even verbalize …..yet, how important it is !!!!
    So, yes, I think we can only transform our lives for the better to the extent that our general social and material environment improves its health and balance.

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