Can We Be Saved? — 2 Comments

  1. I don’t see it as an all-or-nothing kind of deal. This “end of the world” stuff seems a bit tiresome to me, not that I am denying the severity of what is going on. The way I see it, the coastal cities may be wiped out, billions of people killed and innumerable species go extinct, and “the world” can still go on, albeit in a different way than it was going before.

    I’ve recommended it to you before, and I will do so now again – I suggest that you read “Desert” –
    That booklet goes into all of this.

    Also, I wrote a blog entry previously about “the long view” on all of this, lest we all forget:

    • I guess i never told you that i have started reading “Desert” when you first recommended it to me and didn’t get very far in it. I found it a difficult read, so went on to read other things… Are the particular sections that you recommend?

      While i hope that we humans don’t manage to kill life itself sometimes i am not so sure about that anymore… Though it really is a mute point to discuss: What i know is how i ended this blog post: “business as usual won’t get us anywhere other than over the brink…” whether this brink is the complete extinction of humans or “only” the killing of millions (billions?), it still seems like the prospect should wake us up out of our collective slumber – and it doesn’t. That’s my current puzzle: How to we facilitate change.

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