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  1. The preponderance of books “out there” are by women for women. Not quite sure what that reflects, possibly the lesser degree of discrimination that single men face. Or maybe it is a reflection of more discrimination: Being single as a man is so taboo you can’t even write about it! But I know of one book that is written for both men & women that I am finding very helpful despite its age. That book is “The Challenge of Being Single” by Marie Edwards & Eleanor Hoover. It was published in the early 1970s, though a lot of their advice is (sadly) still rather relevant. Also, Bella DePaulo’s book “Singled Out” has a chapter specifically for single men. Many of the other chapters are relevant for single men & women, especially the early ones that take apart research on the “benefits” of marriage.

  2. Just wanted to add to the great list here. As a single looking for solace in a couple-centric world, I’ve read a couple of the above in addition to these great books:

    1. Singular Existence by Leslie Talbot
    2. Here Comes the Bride: Women, Weddings and the Marriage Mystique by Jaclyn Geller (this one is more of a critique of the wedding industry and the entitlement politics of the marriage-minded – pretty scathing stuff, but incredibly thought-provoking)
    3. Bachelor Girl: A Social History of Living Single by Betsy Israel
    4. Single State of the Union edited by Diane Mapes

    All I can say about these books is that they are awesome and a long time coming to boot! My hope is that more books like these by smart, forward-thinking, independent-minded women will hit the book shelves and take the place of all of those vomit-inducing “how to find a man” books.

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