Bella DePaulo talks with Jaclyn Geller — 3 Comments

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  2. I feel like I need to learn how to spin before I can call myself a “spinster.” I do like the historical connection the term brings, though, I am still struggling against the “old woman” image that comes up when I hear “spinster.” Sigh. Interestingly, though, “spinster by choice” seems to work. I am not sure if I like “single by choice” or “spinster by choice” better. Uh, yuck, the first definition of “single” is “not one of several” – no thanks, I am one of several (friends, human beings, women, etc)! Okay, I am a spinster by choice!

  3. I LOVE the term Spinster. But I never knew its epistomology (how do you spell that?) until now! That is even better. I feel that I could say “I’m a Spinster!” with joy and people would get it. And if they didn’t and said something like: “no you’re not. you’ve still got plenty of time.” I’d just laugh and agree with them. Because I do still have plenty of time to do whatever the heck I want!

    I’m a spinster!!! YAY!

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