Atheism and Marital Status — 3 Comments

  1. You are asking me!?! 😉 Of course, you’re right, Lenny, I am an exception: an atheist and a woman (I hardly dare to mention that I am single…).

    Why are there so many more male atheists than female ones? I’ve yet to find a satisfying explanation for that because I hope that we’re beyond the separate spheres stuff where the woman (wife) was supposed to be the holy one of the family…

  2. Atheism is far less established among women than men. Furthermore, in a family unit in the US, it is typically the mother/wife who has the strongest religious conviction. Thus it is possible that it is difficult for a single atheist and heterosexual male to find a life partner. Women, in general, may want to be with someone who will at least be supportive of their religious beliefs.

    What do other readers think about this?

  3. I think the most likely explanation is that atheism has a large number of people who are either less social or more prudent and planning. After all, there are fewer atheist divorces.

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