An Open Letter from a Single Mom — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Rachel. Christina and I would love to support this in some way over at Onely. Do you (and Mindy et al) think that it would be helpful if we wrote a letter of support and published it on our blog? Or should we link to your sites and let our readers read for themselves?

    Please let us know (an email is fine).


  2. Thanks for joining in Rachel. I can relate to your story very well and it pains me to hear of another single mom who has been jerked around by our very broken system. Accusations of abuse from a former spouse/boyfriend should most definitely be looked at differently than other cases. I, too, have spent 6 figures in legal fees in the 8 years since my divorce with no end in sight. Our current system has proved to me that one is not “innocent until proven guilty” but guilty until you pay the courts and attorneys to just get the case dismissed – without even the chance to prove innocence! It’s a high price to pay for both mother and child all because of the other “parent’s” maliciousness.

  3. Thanks for sharing your story! I’m sorry you had to endure it, and sorry that I know what inspired you to share it, but you’ve raised important points that haven’t yet been raised in these letters. The fallacy that children are always better off with both parents can indeed lead to such disastrous emotional and financial drains that it’s becoming more and more imperative to speak out.

  4. Comments are welcome but I will be rather selective as to what comments I will publish… If you’re here to spread lies about PAS, for example, don’t expect to see your comment.

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