At 45, i am trying to perfect the art of failing and hoping i’ll fail at it! Thus i am leaving behind the inner normative voices that bind me to a life of servitude and fighting for outer freedoms so that everyone can thrive! My journey is uncovering what this looks like. You can follow that journey and other meanderings on this blog (lots of meandering…).

Here’s what my about page used to say… It’s a bit dated but gives you a more standard background about me. You can also learn more about my singles activism in this interview by Bella DePaulo.


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  1. After reading stories about being single i get encouraged realizing that am not traveling this path alone,if we can only share what we go through as singles,either by choice or circumstances,sometimes it feels like a curse,other times it feels great,but the only surprising thing is that when i decide to forget about relationships a guy pops up from nowhere,i think oh something good has come up but bum!after a short while the relationship ends and the vicious cycle begins.Sometimes its so depressing.

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