A Singles Manifesto Anno 1974 — 10 Comments

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  4. I LOVE the idea of a reprint!! I actually just finished reading the book and am reviewing it on Onely. I put in a link to this post so we can hopefully get more people to write to Penguin. I’ll write them too as soon as I’m done with the review. –CC

  5. Thanks, Wiebes! The book is available used at lots of different places. And it is a good read (at least the first chapter, which is as far as I’ve gotten…).

    However, especially as I start reading it, I think it is still very relevant today and a reprint or even a commemorative edition would be great.

  6. Here’s what I sent to – if you’d like a clean version of the book, please join me:

    Signet, now a part of Penguin, first published “The Challenge of Being Single” by Marie Edwards & Eleanor Hoover in the early 1970s. Edwards died on December 31st 2008, which we found out last week. I would like to encourage you to publish a commemorative edition of “The Challenge of Being Single.” Edwards book would certainly appeal to the increasing number of singles who have been buying books on and from singles. Books like Bella DePaulo’s “Singled Out” and Kay Trimbergers “The New Single Woman.” Maybe the new edition could even include a preface from one of the current singles advocates. Bella DePaulo, for example, wrote a blog post about Edwards and the book. “The Challenge of Being Single” is currently only available used (and not very appealing looking since these books are almost 40 years old).

    I look forward to buying a 2009 commemorative edition (or reprint…) of “The Challenge of Being Single”!

  7. I hope you managed to get one of the used books… I tried to find contact info for the publisher to see if we could pressure them in republishing it (you know, in memorium or something…). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any info… If anybody has any ideas on who to contact to get the book republished (maybe with a preface by Bella DePaulo?) – please leave the suggestions in the comment area.

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