Zeitgeist – A Biased Review

A friend of mine pointed me to the movie “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward.” I feel grateful that i watched it even though i broke down crying at the end – feeling some deep mourning for the state of our planet! We’re still so far away from changing this damn life-alienating system! As hopeful as Occupy is, it seems so small and powerless compared to the stuff we’re facing (as outlined in the first hour of the movie…). I fear it’ll result in just more accommodation like the movie pointed out toward the end in regards to the 1960s movements. And the thing that frustrates me the most is that we have the solutions. We know how to fix this mess – we knew back in 1974 when Jacque Fresco first critique the monetary-market system…

Okay, deep breath!

What i found most helpful in the movie was the usage of systems theory. I don’t think there’s anything that makes any sense unless we look at it from a systems perspective – it captures our interconnectedness (i very much enjoyed Jacque’s quip about free choice – all of our choices are influenced!). I found the grounding in science very refreshing (and was thrilled to hear Allan Schor and Daniel Siegel mentioned – both are active in interpersonal neurobiology – and shame researcher James Gilligan interviewed, all of whom are influencing my own work). I think there are some aspects within neurobiology, which could have even sharpened the analysis but, hey, the movie was already almost 3 hours long! Our culture creates left-hemisphere dominance, which suppresses our ability to experience our emotions, which makes it easier to become robots. The movie made a nod to this when they mentioned the lack of empathy in traders. Unfortunately, that is just the tip of the iceberg, just the most extreme example.

And the other thing i found missing is a roadmap – how do we get from here to there. Though, maybe there isn’t one. Maybe things just have to get so damn bad that we, the 99% that are asleep at the wheel finally wake up. Or at least enough of us to take our planet back…

In the end, there seems to be a glimmer of hope in being reminded that things could be different. That we know how to create global abundance. And it is up to us to make it happen – it will take a shift in consciousness. No one can do it for us. Jacque and other visionaries have accumulated blueprints of methods. One possible first step is to buy nothing this holiday season. Let’s start putting some sand into the machine.

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Zeitgeist – A Biased Review — 3 Comments

  1. I watched this movie a while back ago and found it very very interesting. Not too convinced with the first part on the imagery of Christ. Very concernend about the other parts of the movie. Not too sure what to think of it. I just enjoyed the perspective. Like you, I cried at the end, sensing hope and companionship and a shared vision. That was inspiring!

    • Imagery of Christ? I wonder if that’s the same movie as i don’t recall anything about that… And i suspect i’d remember that knowing my own biases 😉 They’ve updated the movie a few times, so maybe that was in an older version?

      Well, a quick search confirms that: Apparently, in an earlier version, they claimed Jesus is a fake (some scholars actually agree with that…).

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