Withholding Consent

I sent the following letter to my Senators and the Senate minority leader.

Please withhold consent from the Trump administration! As Adam Jentleson, former deputy chief of staff to Sen. Harry Reid, pointed out in an article in the Washington Post on Friday, withholding consent is a tactic that the Democratic Senators and their Republican allies (the few that there are) can use to stop Trump’s unqualified nominees and his immoral policy agenda.

The Republicans who are not our allies have used this tactic successfully against Obama. Using it now is not revenge but rather using their effective strategy for morally superior ends, including stopping the systematic undermining of our Constitution that Trump has begun by refusing to deal with his conflicts of interest and he is continuing in a deeply disturbing way with the Muslim Ban.

Senator Schumer, I was born and raised in Germany. I came to the US to work toward the reconciliation of the crimes of the Third Reich. I stayed in the US and became a US citizen. Until recently, I thought that comparisons of our times to Hitler and the Nazis were far-fetched. Not any more. The Muslim Ban removed any remaining doubts – and not only because it was released on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. This is not the time to stand back and hope that this will pass. It did not in Germany. Let us learn from that gruesome history and fight the rise of similar forces with every tool we have! Please create a coalition of resisters in the Senate, led by all Democrats, that withholds consent from this march toward unAmerican places!

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