Vote to Value All Families

As I was checking out my phone bill, I noticed that Credo (one of the few progressive phone companies) has put up a survey to find out what people see as the 2009 priorities.

I added this under “Other” and then selected it as one of my top 3 (keeping Obama honest and universal health care are the other two):

Fight to end marital status discrimination by pushing for legislation that values ALL families, not just families with married couples (and their look alikes) but also single parent families, networks of chosen family and all the diversity we have.

Let’s start a write-in campaign! It looks like the survey is open to anybody, not just people who use Credo for their telecommunication needs… If you feel that it’s about time we move beyond marriage and start valuing all families, make your voice heard by adding this as a 2009 priority for Credo Action.

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Vote to Value All Families — 3 Comments

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