I’ve been doing a lot of visioning lately, trying to figure out what direction i want to go next. I think, in a lot of ways my visioning has been driven by this quote from Jiddu Krishnamurti:

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

I am not well adjusted anymore. It is painful. It can be rather lonely. My understanding that i am suffering from cultural trauma in various forms is deepening, though it is not easing the pain. It cannot be healed by inner work alone. I am searching for a society that is healthier.

A friend of mine pointed out that it might help to find more kindred spirits. So with that idea in mind, i decided to share my vision (or end-in-view, as i call it, following John Dewey), as unfinished as it is right now (realizing that this is precisely one of the characteristics of end-in-views: They are works in process.). If this resonates with you, feel free to let me know!

My End-In-View: Regenerating the Soil. Regenerating the Self.
How would my life look like if i felt alive in every moment & fully thrived?

I live in community build around collaboration and mutual support. We live together, have lots of intellectual discussions and explorations, give tons of hugs and other forms of touch are abundant (massages!). There’s always lots of fun and play and music and dance, especially the spontaneous kind until the salty sweat drips down, which is when we laughingly collapse onto a couch or go outside and wash each other off, after all it is warm enough and the sun dries us off quickly, clothes and all, as we rest in the hammock that hangs between the apple and chestnut trees. We also practice yoga asanas and meditate together. Every day, someone else takes on the task of randomly ringing the bell, which invites us to stop what we’re doing to reconnect with the moment.

While our days flow more than they are planned, our community is designed to regenerate the soil, ourselves, and others – to regenerate life in general. It is a healing community – for ourselves and the people who come to visit, for a day, a week, a month, or longer. To this end, we grow our own food based on permaculture principles.

We live outside the box. This is neither a retreat center nor a school. We teach and learn at the same time. We are particularly interested in topics involving systems theory, critical thinking, life design, and cultural trauma/sense of lack/trance of unworthiness/shame. We don’t work for a living. There is no work-life balance because work and life are the same, they are fully integrated. We heal by living in full integrity: We live cooperatively in deep democracy. We are living the change we want to see in the world while healing from the wounds inflicted by the mainstream way of living.

Because our sustenance – food, water, shelter, and health – is taken care of, we devote ourselves to contributing to lives without worrying about money. This creates a beautiful sense of freedom!

Using the term “end-in-view” coined by John Dewey reminds me that this vision is not in the distant future but contains elements already in my life. As i add to them, the end-in-view changes and can be adjusted also based on observations, new interests, etc. It is not static – unlike a utopian vision. (More on this in my thesis…)

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